Underwear model(Confidentiality)


Undercover models are a new type of model, and the requirements for undercover models are lower than those for undergarments (hereinafter referred to as undergarments). The male underwear model is mainly shot in male underwear, showing male charm.



For private models, product reviews, art portraits, etc.


How to keep it private

All your information and shooting data (hereinafter referred to as information) will be stored on the encryption server and strictly comply with relevant regulations. All your information has a storage period of 7-15 days. After 15 days, your information will be destroyed without leaving a trace. To ensure your privacy and security, we will not disclose all your information to anyone and we will strictly control the permissions of internal employees to ensure the security of information. If there is a leak, we are willing to bear all legal consequences and losses to you, and will contact the police to help eliminate the leaked information. Although this is impossible, you can see our responsibility for privacy.

In addition, we will require all persons who have access to your information to sign a confidentiality agreement. After 15 days of destruction, you have the right to request to view the destruction records to ensure your privacy.

Privacy security is a very important task for our company, and we have the ability to ensure your privacy! We will update our privacy protection measures at any time to strengthen our privacy protection mechanism.

Since its establishment in 2014, there has been no incident of leakage, and all information has been retained for only 7 days before it was completely destroyed.


Encrypted server security

We have set up a server for private models in the underwear to store data and information. The server is set up in a neutral country with the most strict confidentiality-Switzerland. No organization can obtain your information. At the same time, the server uses bank-level encryption, and the automatic destruction process is strictly controlled to ensure your privacy.


Shooting method

At present, underwear is not publicly shot in the following ways: physical shooting and web shooting

The specific shooting depends on the region, please contact us to answer your questions in detail!


Settlement method

For the United States, we have opened the following wage settlement methods (US dollar settlement):




Number of models

As of September 1, 2019, there are currently 365 trained models of male underwear models in mainland China. There are 52 signed models and a total of 417.


Underwear is not suitable for those who have no experience and whose own conditions do not meet the standards of other models, as a springboard for the development of the modeling industry!